Group of Nanophysics

Jukka Pekola
University of Jyväskylä
Department of Physics
P.O. Box 35 (YFL)
FIN-40351 JYVÄSKYLÄ, Finland Lyman Laboratory of Physics
Cambridge, MA 02138

The group on nanophysics at Jyväskilä consists of about 2 professors, 5 senior or post-doc researchers, 8 graduate students and a varying number of undergraduate students. The activities at Jyväskilä related to this network are around on-chip cooling by mesoscopic superconductor-normal metal and superconductor-semiconductor structures, noise in microcalorimeters and microbolometers, physics of non-equilibrium superconductivity with hot quasiparticles, and quantum coherence in networks of small Josephson junctions.

Link:, go to "Research" and "Nanotechnology and physics of nanostructures"..

Gerlinde Xander
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